iPod Classic

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Music lovers and travellers usually bring their favorite gadget wherever they are, such as a digital music player called iPod. With a prime quality and magnificent sounds output, this gadget is very reliable. Apple has launched a new version of iPod Classic with super-large memory capacity, which is 160 GB. With this memory, you may choose any songs, videos or images to be saved without any doubt. This gadget is able to accommodate 40 thousand of songs, 200 hours of videos or view 25 thousand images. iPod Classic is made up with a full metal cover. It is also capable to run an audio playback for 36 hours or video for 6 hours. Shortly, this gadget is user friendly on any atmosphere. In displaying video, this gadget has a 2.5 inch screen that produces clear images and sound. For you who love podcast, this gadget can add a collection from Tunes Store that provides hundreds of audio podcasts, including indie favourites songs provided by ABC News, Comedy Central, PBS, NPR, and so forth. You can also plug the video podcasts to the TV by using the AV cable.

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  1. Fadhilah Akbar // March 22, 2009 at 10:50 PM  

    yeah.. so I should upgrade my iPod then.. thanks