Phone for Blind and Deft

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Nowadays mobile phone is not only for person who can see and hear. The blind and deaf people can also enjoy the convenience of mobile phone communication. 

The first mobile phone for the blind was developed by Hasegawa with his Braille mobile phone. This Braille mobile phone equipped with display includes the voice functions to receive and send short messages (SMS) via mobile phone. While there is a Braille letter on the collection of more than a starting point that allows the blind to read, but can also be used for the deaf. Phone Braille letters change the symbol so that a unique vibration. 

Samsung Braille Phone

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Many gadgets can be used as voice recorders, but since not a main feature, they are unsatisfactory. The physical endurance and battery are also still doubtful. It is time for you to try a voice recorder that has been well performed, the Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-UX81. 

This device has a built-in microphone that produces high-quality recording. Without any additional software, this device can be connected to your PC and just drag and drop for storing the files. 

Supported with MP3 audio format and WMA, this device has the main features of "noise reduction" that is filtering wind noise for producing a clear recording. Beside that, 2 GB memory is available to record up to 44 hours with the recorded voice up to 495 files stored.

When you want to hear the recording, a speaker with a diameter of 10 cm is provided and playback speed of recording can be set up to 21 speed. At the bottom of this gadget is available USB 2.0 port that can be plugged directly on the PC without any additional cables.

Sony Ericsson Idou

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In Mobile World Congress 2009, Sony Ericsson released phonecells with a line of powerful features. Some rely on tens megapixel camera resolution, Wi-Fi connection to access data via high-speed HSDPA network. One of product is Sony Ericsson Idou. Through the power of 12.1 megapixel camera, it makes Idou as the first Sony Ericsson Symbian phonecell that has a resolution of such a large camera.

Idou interface similar with iPhone and supported by 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen with 360x640 pixels resolution. It is supported with GPS navigation via the digital service operator known as Assisted-GPS. In addition Idou supports connection media via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and standard cable data of Sony Ericsson. Meanwhile, the data access capability has also supported HSDPA. For other features, Idou injected with music player/video, FM radio, geotagging and some other standard features.

As storaging, Idou pin microSD card slot, just like Xperia X1. No more Memory Stick Micro (M2) used as the standard of Sony Ericsson phonecells.

Most of the internet GPRS rate system is volume based. This means that charging is based on the large amount of data traffic. Measurement unit is in kilobytes. This system is slightly difficult to be controlled, whether the balance has been cut off with a usage.

To avoid confusion, try to use the Minimoni free application that monitor the GPRS usage. You can have daily, weekly or monthly basis report.

In addition to monitor GPRS usage, Minimoni also inform the battery power status and time remaining. Minimoni is available for the BlackBerry operating system version 4.1 and 4.2. You can get this application at http://www.blackberryfreaks.,com/

GPS feature in BlackBerry Bold and the Storm has been equipped with a digital map by Google Maps. However, still good to be improved.

MyLocation, supporting GPS application that can report your location to Web Server regularly to you as the cellphone owner or to others that you have chosen before. This application will certainly make you more easily to monitor the people you care about.

When GPS signals obstructed, this application will continue to report when the GPS signal is back to normal. Interested? You can download it from

Search engine helps us to find information from internet. Simply enter your keyword, you will get the information you need. You can install a search engine - such as google - in your BlackBerry for free. Like the other search engines, Google also provides some facilities such as Google Talk for chatting, Google Sync for syncronize your calendar and Google Map for the digital map. You can get these google facilities for free at

The advantage of the smart phone is in its ability to support new applications. This is because the cellphone is designed with a standard platform that facilitates software creators to create new features. You will find some simple tips of free applications for BlackBerry in the following articles.

Opera Mini Browser

BlackBerry's browser capability is quite good, especially in the Bold and Storm types. But for other options, the Opera Mini application is mandatory to be owned. Opera Mini Browser uniqueness lies in the choice of a different color scheme. This is very helpful if you use a theme that tends to appear darker. Other advantage, the speed to display the page on Opera Mini Browser should have two thumbs up. Moreover, this application is provided free of charge. If you interested, you can download it directly from your BlackBerry at

iPod Classic

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Music lovers and travellers usually bring their favorite gadget wherever they are, such as a digital music player called iPod. With a prime quality and magnificent sounds output, this gadget is very reliable. Apple has launched a new version of iPod Classic with super-large memory capacity, which is 160 GB. With this memory, you may choose any songs, videos or images to be saved without any doubt. This gadget is able to accommodate 40 thousand of songs, 200 hours of videos or view 25 thousand images. iPod Classic is made up with a full metal cover. It is also capable to run an audio playback for 36 hours or video for 6 hours. Shortly, this gadget is user friendly on any atmosphere. In displaying video, this gadget has a 2.5 inch screen that produces clear images and sound. For you who love podcast, this gadget can add a collection from Tunes Store that provides hundreds of audio podcasts, including indie favourites songs provided by ABC News, Comedy Central, PBS, NPR, and so forth. You can also plug the video podcasts to the TV by using the AV cable.

Cellular Phone

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Mobile phone is an important means of communication. Almost all people have mobile phones since it becomes a basic need. People have a mobile phone, sometime more than one. Before the first cellphone was invented, peole go out of the house confidently. But not for now. Just like my self, I felt something has missing when I go out without my cellphone. I should go back to take it, and ensure that it has been with me before I leave. For sure, my cellphone is very important for me.

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