Many gadgets can be used as voice recorders, but since not a main feature, they are unsatisfactory. The physical endurance and battery are also still doubtful. It is time for you to try a voice recorder that has been well performed, the Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-UX81. 

This device has a built-in microphone that produces high-quality recording. Without any additional software, this device can be connected to your PC and just drag and drop for storing the files. 

Supported with MP3 audio format and WMA, this device has the main features of "noise reduction" that is filtering wind noise for producing a clear recording. Beside that, 2 GB memory is available to record up to 44 hours with the recorded voice up to 495 files stored.

When you want to hear the recording, a speaker with a diameter of 10 cm is provided and playback speed of recording can be set up to 21 speed. At the bottom of this gadget is available USB 2.0 port that can be plugged directly on the PC without any additional cables.

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